Security and Privacy


We, the staff of, are aware that buying on line requires a lot of trust from the users. We take manifest trust very seriously and grant a great priority to guarantee security and trust to your information. Please read the following data protection statements so that you can get to know more about this kind of protection. If you visit, confirm the following data protection statement. can update this statement of protection at any time. We will keep you posted about important changes via e-mail to the address that we received previously or we will post a note on our web site.


International Transference

Your information can be transfered to other computers, stored out of your province, canton, country and another jurisdiction where data protection is not as safe as in your jurisdiction. If you live out of Russia and send us some information, we will transfer your personal information in Russia. Your agreement with this data protection statement as well as the transmission of these pieces of information shows your approval of this transference.


The register of information and its use

The main reason why we register information has to do with the service offer, our role and the improvement of the membership update (¨together with the service¨), so that we can offer the user an efficient and easy way to surf on the web site.


What kind of information about you is registered?

If you make a question or make a reservation at, we will have to find out about you. It is about identification and contact information (Personal Information). It goes beyond your name, telephone number, e-mail address and residence address, but we don’t require from you any kind of information dealing with your credit card number, or any information about your payment transactions.


How do we use your information? does not need any information about your payment transactions (such as the name of the credit card’s owner, credit card number and expiry date) in order to make a reservation for your stay through our web site. We need another kind of information about you, for the following general reasons: To facilitate the products and services that you wish, to communicate the confirmation of the reservation and other pieces of information and to keep in touch with you so that we can respond to your questions and comments, to give information about special offers and new functions, to keep activities potentially illicit or prohibited away from happening, to put into practice our general conditions of contract and for other reasons that we will communicate you upon register.



We consider of paramount importance to keep impersonation away from happening as well as the procedure known at present as ¨phishing¨. It is a great priority to us to safeguard your interests against impersonation by means of the protection of information. By no means we will require from you information about your credit card via e-mail without protection or in a telephone conversation.


Exchange of Information and publication


General Vision has been developed in such a way that the members that rent properties (Hosts) and the members that need these properties (Clients) can exchange information and through this web site they can make advance reservations and reservations. The host and make profiles of properties as well as evaluations about clients and the profile information (As described above). We also make evaluations of hosts and clients. This information will be available for all the users and visitors of the web site as long as you allow this to happen.


How can you delete your profile?

Every member (Host) can often check, update, correct or delete information about his/ her property. If you want to delete the information that there is in our system about your house, please you should contact us and we will try to satisfy your petition, as long as we do not have a legal commitment to preserve this information. Check below the contacts for data protection.


Links to other web sites

If you ever try to link any part of the web site with any other website, we ask you to please think it over because those other web sites have different data protection statements. If you choose to visit a publicist or click on the link of another provider, you will be taken to the corresponding web site of this provider. We do not exercise control over the web sites of other providers; therefore we suggest that you read carefully the corresponding data protection statement so that you can understand the proceeding concerning the register, use and publication of data.



When you use and make a reservation for your stay, we want to guarantee your full security; that is why it is our duty to protect with all the means available the information that we register. For this reason we have put into practice the corresponding administrative, technical and psychical security levels to protect your information. We need to use shutting valves when transmitting awkward personal information between your system and ours.


How long do we preserve your personal data?

Your personal data is preserved in our system as long as it is important to use them, in accordance with what is stated in the general conditions of contract accepted by you and according to our data protection statement, that is, determined by valid law. All this information will be deleted at a later time.


Only adults older than 18 are allowed to surf on this web site. We don’t register information of those who are under 18 years old. If one of the parents or guardian is aware that one of his/her children has given personal information to our web site, he/she must contact us right away at the following address: If we learn that someone under 18 has introduced some information into our web site, it will be deleted right away from our data.


Jurisdiction and Valid Law

This statement and all its matters that are originated in this statement and in relation with it as well, will be determined by the material law from Russia, without taking into consideration the international civil legal determinations. Any disagreement, demand or conflict between a user and originated in this statement and in relation with it as well is subject to the exclusive competence of the justice department in Basel city and each party must decree irrevocably the jurisdiction and its place. If you have any question about this data protection statement, please contact us at:



If you have any question concerning this statement of data protection, please contact us at